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Create the perfect outfit for your little guy! The baby boy bottoms from Gerber Childrenswear will let you mix and match with all your favorite Gerber Onesies® bodysuits and tops. Every pair of boy bottoms we have is made with soft material for your child’s comfort. We even have pants and shorts that are specially designed with organic fabric. While they’ll feel great and make it easier to change your baby boy clothes, our boy shorts are also sure to be stylish.

Here at Gerber Childrenswear, we have plenty of baby boy pants and shorts in all sizes. We also have toddler boy clothing styles for when your child gets a little older. Discover boy clothes perfect for every season and occasion. We’re not only your place for style inspiration, but the best place to shop for clothes for baby boys and girls.

Your little guy can wear our adorable baby boy joggers and jungle pants when it's cooler outside. Shop single styles, or you can buy a multi-pack featuring cute colors and prints. A gentle elastic waistband will keep your guy comfortable while exploring and playing. Our baby boy pants also include active pants for a fun day outdoors or canvas pants for a special family event. You’ll find classic neutral colors and bright, bold hues for capturing the imagination. You’ll also find cool camo prints and traditional stripe patterns.

We have baby boy shorts in just about every color when it gets warmer. Choose from stylish gauze shorts or comfy knit shorts to match perfectly with our shirts. Our shorts for babies come in fashionable seasonal colors and classic neutrals. You’ll find boy shorts in camo patterns and playful stripes with fresh and traditional looks.

If you’re buying a gift or attending a baby shower, it’s an excellent idea to shop for our multi-packs. A 4-pack of pull-on pants will work perfectly with a bundle of Gerber Onesies® bodysuits.  Get a 3-pack of pull-on knit shorts, and you’ll help start a wardrobe for a summer baby. If you’re searching for other ways to create a complete outfit, you can check out our baby boy outfits and sets. We have the inspiration you need to mix and match your boy shorts and pants with your favorite baby boy tops. You can even buy complete outfits to simplify your shopping experience.

Every infant needs a well-rounded wardrobe. The baby boy bottoms from Gerber Childrenswear will help you create a closet you can be proud of. Whether you like the versatility of baby boy joggers or the fun and simplicity of our adorable shorts for baby, you are sure to find the items you and your family love. 

With so many sizes and styles, you can dress your little guy until they’re a toddler. We have sizes from Preemie to 5T, so everyone in the family is covered. Check back often for the latest styles. No matter which garment you choose, you know that your baby is sure to feel amazing and look photo-ready. 

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